Tell the story of your success; promote your company, career or cause; establish your personal brand; and provide inspiration and guidance for others.

It gives you the opportunity to evaluate your performance, analyse the reasons for your success, outline the lessons you learned along the way and give credit to those that have helped and supported you.

The wisdom and stories you share could greatly influence others to make more of the lives or their business.

We can also produce a shortened biography for you to feature on your website, to use as a video profile on LinkedIn and other social media channels or use in a link on your email signature so all those you communicate with can really get to know you..

We can interview you in your home or office, film you in action and even interview some of your past and current colleagues, employees, students or clients to add interest and perspective to your story.

Recent projects have included Troy Tappenden, who tells the story of how we started a kitchen door business in his garage, developed the company though franchising and then sold if for a multi-million pound sum; Eddy Ankrett, who was responsible for building many successful businesses and well-know brands in electronics, property sales and the dating industry and David Apparicio, MBE, who developed one of the most successful offender rehabilitation programs in the world.

These educational biographies can also become a lucrative revenue stream on online education sites such as LinkedIn Learning or Udemy.