Many people tell us that they feel their life has been too boring or unremarkable to warrant telling their life story. This is always untrue. We tell portions of our life story almost everyday in conversations with family, friends, colleagues and especially new acquaintances. Your life is absolutely full of stories you tell to entertain and inform some are about you and other stories concern others in your life.

Your life story is not simply the chronology of the events that made up your life but it is an opportunity to talk about the history that was unfolding around you, the people that influenced you, your travels, stories that inspired you, your aspirations, beliefs, goals, hobbies, relationships, love stories, interests and opinions.

Your problem, once we start working together, will not be finding enough interesting material to share, but deciding what you have to leave out!

Your job, with our help, will be to determine what aspect of your life story you want to concentrate on. Do you want it to be a love story simply talking about your relationship with your partner; an adventure story that details your travels or explorations; an inspirational story of your journey to  success; or a drama about how you overcame your  personal demons, hardships, self-doubt, depression or disability.  You do not have to have attained great success to have a great story that will touch, inspire or educate your audience.

Your family, especially your children (if you have them), want to know every single details about you, especially as you may have grown up in a time before the internet, streaming media and mobile phones. They want to know what you were like as a child and a teenager, the challenges you had to face and overcome and they will learn from you.

You can also talk about family traditions, philosophies and legacies that hopefully will be passed on.

I lost my father a few years ago and now I wish so much that I had asked him more about his childhood, his hobbies, his war years, what it was like to grow up in the forties and fifties, what he read, his hobbies, his girlfriends, how he met my mum, how he felt when I was born, even what comics he read, everything! But, like many, I left it too late and now I will never know these things. They are lost forever.

Please don't leave it too late to tell your story or record the stories of your loved ones, act now, or you will have the same regrets I now have to carry.

Even if you feel there are still many years ahead of you it is still important to tell your story now. It is a perfect opportunity to evaluate your life and decide what you still need to do to make it complete and fulfil your long term goals. You can always add another chapter or two later as your story develops and your goals are reached.

In fact, our Platinum service includes another day's filming in the next five years to ensure the story evolves.

Peter Middleton, Managing Director, Videographer and Biographer, MyLife Biographies